A Map of Expected Restaurants, Bars, and Businesses in Shaw

Vacation is ending for students around the DC metro area, but Shaw Main Streets,  a neighborhood organization, has been hard at work this summer to bring businesses to Shaw. I stumbled across their page a couple weeks ago and was blown away by the number of new bars, restaurants, shops, and galleries that will soon replace vacant buildings and empty storefronts. I’m pumped to venture outside my Bloomingdale bubble.

There’s only one little problem. I can’t place addresses on DC’s numbered streets for the life of me. Considering the major thoroughfares in Shaw are 7th and 9th Streets NW, this little problem actually isn’t so little. Enter the Shaw New Businesses Map (at the top of the post or at the preceding link).

My reaction when I heard about all the new restaurants and bars (but mostly the bars) coming to Shaw.

This map really helps me out geographically. For instance, there seem to be two distinct clusters of restaurants and bars: one around the new 7th Flats apartment complex at 7th and Florida NW in the north, and another (albeit smaller) grouping anchored by Rogue 24, near Blagden Alley in the south.

There are a couple other interesting takeaways as well. Even though the massive CityMarket at O project  is still three months away from opening, Mandalay, Thally, and Coney–nearby restaurants–are all slated to open by October. That’s a pretty bold vote of confidence. Also of note is that two businesses are opening on 9th Street NW between Q and P Streets NW. This is interesting because the Shiloh Baptist Church on that block owns several vacant properties. As any veteran of Shaw can tell you, the management of these properties has been incompetent at best. According to the City Paper, the church has been vague about plans for development. Despite these blighted spaces, the neighborhood is still moving forward. 


What I look like when trying to find places to eat on numbered streets.

5 responses to “A Map of Expected Restaurants, Bars, and Businesses in Shaw

  1. Very useful map of the area ;)

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